Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boy Faces Warrior for Rain

I am excited to say that I am on my way towards the last portion of my film... I have much to do and edit and collaboration to do but have an ending in the cross hairs... My target is near... Sacrificing holidays, weekends, and evening for my dream of becoming an animator, thats all I can do, prove them all wrong, set the pace for the marathon, create opportunities and set a good example to the people around me. The choices I've made in life somehow led me to his point in life and I have to look back and say "Wow"!!! what an adventure and I still have a broader horizon to reach... Some how someway I will create my own destiny, even when I wanted to take into consideration the silent whispers of... I cannot go on... this is not for me... I said no to these voices and now things are getting even tighter and harder as crunch time comes approaching. So far my tenacity has proven to be the key, The lessons my parents taught me and the parenting I am experiencing now with my daughter will give me strength to succeed and hope that I can inspire the uninspired to fulfill there dreams as I am.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warrior Appears

Here is the scene were I introduce the warrior... He magically appears when Chak The Rain God uses his powers to make a mural come to life. He will face Cualtemo (Boy) to a Mayan Ball game, which will the conflict/resolution of my project.