Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warrior Appears

Here is the scene were I introduce the warrior... He magically appears when Chak The Rain God uses his powers to make a mural come to life. He will face Cualtemo (Boy) to a Mayan Ball game, which will the conflict/resolution of my project.


Daniela said...


I don't know what Bryan showed you in AE in the meantime, but if you're still thinking about fx for this part, I think that maybe you could use the same glow that you used for the god (maybe just for the second when he popps out of the wall?)?

Just an idea. :)

sheila said...

Looking at it this time I think the Mayan God should stay on the wall a bit longer after he transforms, and THEN leap off. Right now there is a little bit of an abrupt jump there.

I also think you need to trim the black- just a couple of frames should do it.

Great work!